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Effisoft is trusted by over 300 Companies in five continents since 1990                                             >> learn more

              WebXL is the leading, state-of-the-art, yet affordable end-to-end reinsurance solution   >> learn more

                              "WebXL is Europe’s leading reinsurance solution.” (Source: 2010 independent comparative study) 

Insurance companies
WebXL Reinsurance softwareInsurers can no longer rely on elaborate spreadsheets and databases to administer reinsurance. Complying with changing regulations such as RMORSA and completing Schedule F is time-consuming—and risky—without a reinsurance system.

Get control over your reinsurance program with WebXL! It’s a full-featured reinsurance platform that supports ceded, assumed and retroceded reinsurance administration for all lines of business. and addresses your most complex needs.

A comprehensive solution, WebXL, meets the requirements of insurance companies of all types and sizes.

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Reinsurers WebXLAre you looking for a front-to-back system to handle complex reinsurance operations?

WebXL is a full-featured software solution that improves your efficiency and boosts your competitiveness.

Our system offers the market's most extensive range of functionalities :
> Contract management automation (underwriting, treaty lifecycle management, claims management)
> Enhanced technical accounting features
> Profitability indicators generation
> Sharp analysis and reports from our powerful calculation engine
> And loads more!

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Brokers WebXLGreat service is key to your business. WebXL for Brokers is specifically optimized for you and your clients.
WebXL helps you both meet your clients' high expectations and enhance your processes.
You’ll get an end-to-end collaborative platform to manage all reinsurance operations, including contract management, and technical and financial accounting, plus sophisticated BI and reporting.


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